Quickstew Varieties

Tomatoes and Scotch Bonnet (Ata Rodo)


Scotch Bonnet (Ata Rodo) *Teary Hot


Tomatoes and Cayenne Pepper (Shombo)


Tomatoes and Bell Pepper (Tatashe)



Who We Are


Quickstew is a Freshly-Made Ready-to-Cook Tomato Paste that is wholly produced from sun-ripened tomatoes, and varing species of pepper that are grown in lush green farms in northern Nigeria.

Our Uniqueness

We produce Quickstew using food grade (100% steel ) machines that are designed specifically for grinding tomatoes; this saves our customers the hazardous metallic  particles that are common by-product of local metallic-teeth grinding machines that are mostly used in local markets

Our Production

Our machine while grinding tomatoes de-seeds and skins the tomatoes, then expels by-product through a funnel, then through a different product outlet, it spews out 100% tomato smoothie.

The Story of Quickstew

As the eldest child/son of my parents, I grew up playing the role of a girl-child in my family though a boy because the only sister I have was nine years my junior (as at that time, she was learning how to crawl ) and I have three other brothers before her. So at an early age of eleven, I was carrying-out chores: cooking light meals at home; cleaning, and so on. My daddy would drop us off at home after school hours, return back to his business, while my mommy was busy minding her trade, I was left to cater for my siblings. In the course of my culinary sojourn with my mom, I saw my mother buy tomatoes in large baskets during peak season- wash, grind, dehydrate and pack in portions, and freeze. She would bring out portions as required for making stew, cooking pasta, and other tomato based meals as the need arose. This tomato paste usually served our family of seven for upwards of five- six months. This strategy of her’s resonates more with me now as it makes cooking convenient, stress-less, and fast, especially for working folks- the fulcrum of our brand promise.

One day in 2015, while in bed, this memory and thought came to me in an audible voice: ” Why not start a tomato paste business-buy tomatoes in large quantity-grind, dehydrate, package, and sell. Living in cosmopolitan Abuja, it would make sense because people are busy working and hardly have enough time for rest, much more going through the hassle of cooking. So the dream was born.
As I got off the bed, I immediately shared this vision with my wife, she was like ” I’m sure of this ?” to which I retorted, yes, marshaling out my business plan to her spontaneously.

For one week, I and my wife toyed with a couple of names but we didn’t like any. One day, as I was driving along the Wuye- Utako expressway in Abuja, the name Quickstew popped out of my mouth- immediately I knew that was it- it resonates with the essence of the envisioned brand; quick connotes getting something done within a short time, and stew naturally goes with tomatoes. I called my wife, mentioned the name, she was excited about the name and that was it.

I got the inspiration for the logo from the shape of a gas-cooker burner. I commissioned Johnson, my graphic artist. He went on to use the letters Q and S to design a cooker-like burner for Quickstew logo.
The colours of the logo- Red depicts our ingredients -tomatoes, chili pepper, and bell pepper, all sourced sun- ripened at the time of harvest, and also in fresh condition. While Green depicts that our products as natural, healthy and nourishing.

Our Happy Customers
True to their brand promise, quickstew gives me CONVENIENCE and REST: Anyday i long  to cook a tomato -based meal like jollof-rice, i bring out quickstew from freezer in the morning as i prepare to go to work, keep it in the fridge so it can defrost and thaw while am away at work. This saves me cooking time as it takes just one-third (1/3) of the time it usually would have taken me to make a pot of jollof-rice with raw tomatoes, thereby giving you more time to REST from a stressful day at work.
I usually would squat in wuse market to select the best quality ( not rotten) tomatoes from my tomato seller, knowing that the not-so-good seeds are craftily stuffed under the fresh reddish enticing ones on top. Then grudginly go to that unclean and unhygienic environment where your tomatoes is blended in the market. When i get home, wait endlessly for tomatoes to dehydrate on fire. But with quickstew, life has been much easier for me . I now have most of my weekend to myself- enough rest! I buy the family special that weighs 3.5kg, throw it into my freeze, then keep scooping tomatoes whenever and however. Thank you Nochiz Foods!
Mrs Muhammed
There is something I have noticed with quickstew- even when I buy raw tomatoes from the market, I don’t seem to get that feeling. With quickstew, no sour taste that usually come from the seed of tomatoes. I have a feeling that quickstew is made in heaven… lol. I don’t buy tomatoes again from the market. Quickstew tastes better than what I can do at home, why bother myself.

We're not called for everyone:

Quickstew is made to cater for busy people:

 those whose job description says work begins @ a definite time and closes only when the desk is clear- busy folks ; single, married, straight or whatever. Not in this category, we will indulge you, but remember, we’re not called for everyone.