Frequently asked questions

We know you have so many questions about Quickstew, that’s why we have answered most of them. Do browse below and get your fill.

What Is Quickstew?

Quickstew is a freshly-made ready-to-cook tomato paste made from sun-ripened fresh tomatoes, and a variety of freshly harvested pepper ( shombo,  tatashe, rodo)

Why Quickstew?

Quickstew helps you cook healthy home-meals like Stew, Jollof-rice, Spaghetti, Porridge,  Soups, and Sauces,  etc., within a short time because the ingredients in Quickstew have been dehydrated, thereby saving you time when cooking.

What Varieties Can I Get?

I.  Only Tomatoes

II.Only Chili Pepper

III.Tomatoes and Bell Pepper (Tatashe )

IV.Tomatoes and Scotch Bonnet ( Ata Rodo )

V. Tomato and Cayenne Pepper (Shombo)

Does It Taste Like Tin-Tomatoes?

Absolutely NO. It tastes fresh! 

Because it is made from fresh ingredients sourced directly from farms in Northern Nigeria, while your regular Tin-Tomatoes are made from Tomato Concentrates that have been stored with preservatives for so many years, and full of colour pigments to give your Tin-Tomato Paste that deep reddish colour

How Do You Produce Quickstew?

It is produced just about the same way you would make tomato paste in your kitchen (mom’s style) but for the Food Grade Steel machines we use which mechanically filters our tomatoes to give us 100% tomato juice, and a distinct  taste (our trade secret ) that is uniquely quickstew.

What Is A Food Grade Steel Machine?

This is a machine made of 100% steel. Steel by nature is sound-proof in operation and does not crank-up nor shed iron residues or particles . This makes it the recommended machine component for Good Manufacturing Practice. Unlike the public grinding machine made of raw metals that is commonly used in our markets and neighbourhoods that sheds metal residues and particles into your tomatoes while grinding. These metallic particles are hazardous to your health.

How Do You Preserve It?

We Freeze to Preserve: Upon production, Quickstew is packed in sterile bowls (1300 grams and 3500 grams ) and freezed immediately,  therefore, we don’t have Any Reason to add preservatives.

Where Can I Buy Quickstew?

Buy online at www.quickstew. com

Who can I talk to if I have questions,complaints or need any support?

You are just a call or an email away from answers to your queries:
08035901701, 08095494643